This article first appeared in the Spring 2017 issue of Massachusetts Family Business magazine.

We asked family business leaders around Massachusetts how they feel about the coming year’s prospects for small business. Here’s what they had to say.

“We feel optimistic about the economy and the business climate in 2017. In addition to a strengthening economy and the prospect of tax cuts which should further encourage business growth, we have seen an uptick in interest in cybersecurity issues. With all the talk about hacking, the issue of security is front and center in the minds of businesses and we see it as an area of growth for us.” — Konrad Martin, CEO, Tech Advisors

“Mod-Tech Homes has experienced a significant increase in both sales and inquiries. Many of our clients from previous years are now ready to begin their projects. We are delighted with the pent-up demand and look forward to our strongest year ever. We are optimistic about the business climate and are encouraged by the early signs of 2017.” — Francine Townsend, CEO/Owner, Mod-Tech Homes LLC

“For over 40 years, we have focused on providing housing opportunities to communities throughout the region – developing, constructing and managing a portfolio of 11,000+ units.  We are energized by new growth opportunities for 2017 and a business expansion with the launch of a new real estate office in Boston’s North End later this year. Overall, we are very optimistic.” — Karen Fish-Will, CEO, Peabody Properties Inc.

“We are very optimistic about this current business landscape. We experienced strong sales in 2016, and the first two months of 2017 has been very positive. This for us has been driven by a stronger market demand for our ability to customize both the hydrotherapy pools and plunge pools, as well as a greater demand in the athletic market for hot and cold plunge pools.” — Suzanne Vaughan, President, SwimEx

“Headline news and world events will impact businesses both ways – they always have. We remain optimistic and steady in our mission and focus and will adapt as needed to the changing business climate.” — Hilary Troia, Co-owner, Office Gallery International

“We are optimistic about 2017. We expect business to be strong and steady, similar to how 2016 was. We celebrated the beginning of 2017 with the opening of our 27th location, in America’s hometown of Plymouth. The biggest headwind to success is the labor market; it can be difficult to find good people.” — Leo Vercollone, President and CEO, VERC Enterprises