Family Business Profiles

Woodman’s of Essex Unites Old Nostalgia with New Tradition

Steeped in tradition, originality and award-winning taste, Woodman’s of Essex holds one major claim to fame above the rest – inventor of the fried clam. Over 100 years and five generations later, Woodman’s continues to fry clams where it all began.

Family Business Resources

How Protected is Your Family Business from Creditors?

Many family business owners become complacent about creditor exposure because they believe their corporate or limited liability company structure will protect the business. The fact is that if it is a corporation and you or anyone else owns shares in their own name, jointly with another, or even in a revocable trust, the answer is, it’s not protected.

You Just Got Sued for the First Time. Now What?

Being sued is unnerving, particularly the first time it happens. And with good reason: Litigation can be expensive, inefficient and uncontrollable. But a big part of the stress is really just fear of the unknown. The purpose of this article is to make the unknown known.

Family Business Matters

The Effect of Divorce on a Family Business

Family businesses face many challenges as they strive to survive and thrive. Among the most difficult to overcome is one that is unique to a closely held business: divorce. For a family business to survive a divorce, the possibility of divorce must be anticipated and planned for well in advance. While nobody wants to imagine a time when a marriage is dissolved, it is inexcusable to ignore the possibility.

Reflections on Building a Family Business

Today, we proudly stand as a leading, independent chain of convenience stores and gasoline stations, with locations throughout Eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire, but the humble beginnings of our family-owned business were anything but lofty! 

Cut from the Same Cloth: Boston-Area Tailors Spring from Familial Roots

Tailor shops are almost universally small businesses, and many are family-run. The singular importance of referrals allows them to exist for generations without so much as spending the equivalent of a piece of Hancock’s chalk on advertising, while other businesses on the same block can fail despite the best laid promotional schemes of computer mice and admen.

Family Business Awards & Conferences

The 2017 Family Business Conference

The Massachusetts Family Business Conference convened this year in Boston’s celebrated Colonnade Hotel on Oct. 25; the annual Family Business Awards ceremony preceded the conference.